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CAN FD Shield for Arduino

The CAN-FD Shield is a reliable and versatile solution for adding CAN-BUS (CAN-FD) capabilities to your Arduino projects, particularly in the realm of automotive diagnostics and data logging.
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CAN Bus is a common industrial bus known for its long distance capabilities, medium communication speed, and high reliability. It is often used in modern machine tools, such as in automotive diagnostic systems.

The CAN-FD Shield utilizes an MCP2517FD CAN Bus controller with an SPI interface and an SIT1042T CAN transceiver to provide your Arduino with CAN-BUS (CAN-FD) capabilities. By adding an OBD-II converter cable and importing the OBD-II library, you can easily build an onboard diagnostic device or data logger.

This specific OBD-II converter cable is suitable for use with the CAN-FD Shield and allows you to access a range of diagnostic information from your vehicle. By importing the Arduino library, you can take advantage of pre-built functions that simplify the process of accessing and interpreting this data.

Overall, the CAN-FD Shield offers a versatile and reliable solution for adding CAN-BUS (CAN-FD) capabilities to your Arduino projects, particularly in the realm of automotive diagnostics and data logging.

We have just released a new CANBed with an aluminum alloy case. If your product needs a casing, we recommend you check out this new product.

Application Ideas

  • • Build an onboard diagnostic tool for vehicles. Using the OBD-II converter cable and library, you can access a range of diagnostic information from the vehicle's computer and display it on the Arduino.
  • • Create a data logger for vehicles. The CAN-FD Shield's high-speed SPI interface allows you to quickly and efficiently log a variety of data points from the vehicle, such as engine performance, fuel efficiency, and more.
  • • Develop a device for monitoring and controlling industrial machinery. The CAN-FD Shield's compatibility with both CAN-FD and CAN 2.0 protocols makes it a suitable choice for use in industrial settings, where it can be used to monitor and control various types of machinery.
  • • Create a device for automating tasks on a production line. The CAN-FD Shield's ability to communicate with other devices via the CAN bus makes it well-suited for use in automated production lines, where it can be used to trigger events and perform tasks as needed.

  • Features:

  • • Compatible with both CAN-FD and CAN 2.0
  • • Industrial standard 9-pin sub-D connector
  • • Selectable OBD-II and CAN standard pinouts
  • • Adjustable chip select pin
  • • Adjustable CS pin for TF card slot
  • • Adjustable INT pin
  • • Arduino Uno pin headers
  • • SPI interface with a maximum speed of 10 MHz

  • Specifications:

  • • Microcontroller: Atmega32U4 with Arduino Leonardo bootloader
  • • Clock speed: 16 MHz
  • • Flash memory capacity: 32 KB
  • • SRAM: 2.5 KB
  • • EEPROM: 1 KB
  • • Operating voltage range for the CAN-BUS interface: 9-28V
  • • Operating voltage for the MicroUSB interface: 5V
  • • Input interface: Industrial standard 9-pin sub-D connector


  • • HSCODE: 8543709990
  • • USHSCODE: 8517620090

  • Peferences:

  • • Wiki
  • • Arduino Library
  • • EAGLE File
  • • CAN Bus Products - Selection Guide

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  • About Longan Labs:

    Longan Labs is an international platform that offers open source products and customized services to global makers. It is also a co-creation laboratory that works with makers and connects projects to customers. Our offerings include CAN Bus development boards, electronic modules for popular MCU platforms, and other open source hardware gadgets. We also provide Product Customization Services (PCS), developing controller boards and modules to meet the needs of makers and start-up teams.

    Longan Labs is based in Shenzhen, which has the most complete R&D and manufacturing resources. Our core team members have over 10 years of experience running open source hardware projects and expertise in various fields including engineering, design, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, sales, and technical support. As a result, Longan Labs can provide a one-stop product development service, including electronic circuit design, software coding, PCB layout and assembly, industrial design, structure and molding, brand and graphic design.

    The name Longan is derived from a type of Chinese fruit that we all love. We started as a small maker project in the summer of 2014, when it is the best time to enjoy longans. In the spring of 2018, we formed the company to offer more products and better service. Our initial idea was inspired by the maker culture and open source hardware, and our corporate vision is to help global makers and the open source community.

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