1. Cooling panel summary

    Summer is coming, what did you think of first? Is it the sun, the beach, or the extreme heat? When I first thought of air conditioning, iced watermelon and a glass of iced cola.

    Here, we introduce some cold products to help you spend the summer happily.

    Today's protagonist is a thermoelectric cooler politer, which is a particularly interesting component. When it is powered on, it will heat up on one side and cool on the other side. The water dispenser, small refrigerator, and water cooling system of the computer host that we have seen all need this small device.  Using the thermoelectric cooler peltier of the cooling fins to get a low temperature as low as 0 °C.
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  2. Make an Interactive led stairs

    At the beginning

    There is a staircase in the house. It is very interesting to see many staircase renovation projects in the community. Not very busy recently, so I decided to use some open source hardware modules to transform the stairs at home and add some interactive functions. This project will not be particularly difficult, it takes me about an afternoon. If you also have a staircase in your house that needs to be renovated, I hope this sharing will help you.

    STEP 1 - Preparing work

    First, you need to prepare some materials, which include the following:

    Electronic module

    • A Longan Core board, or other Arduino development board
    • Ul
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  3. CAN-BUS products summary

    We have designed many CAN-Bus products, this post is to help you to choose the right product.

    Serial CAN Bus Module LINK $14.9 ATMEGA168PA MCP2515 CAN2.0 WIKI
    OBD-II CAN Bus Development Kit LINK $17.9 ATMEGA168PA MCP2515 CAN2.0
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  4. PCS - Product Customized Service

    PCS, Product Customized Service is an important Service of Longan Labs, in addition to open source hardware products.It is facing global makers and start-up teams, offering both ODM and OEM services.

    PCS focuses on the development of electronic circuits, PCB and PCBA manufacturing, and also provides a variety of design consulting services.

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