If you didn’t find a completely suitable product on our website, why not try PCS, Product Customization Service. We can modify the function and specification of an existing Longan product to face your requirements. And the service also includs samples, mass production, and mailing.

How to Use:

  • STEP-1: Send an email to pcs@longan-labs.cc to tell us your requirements. (Reply in the first time)
  • STEP-2: According to your requirements, 3pcs samples will be made and mailed to you. ($100 free shipping)
  • STEP-3: Carry out mass production according to your requiments, and mail to you. (Better price if order in bulk)


  • Depending on the requirements and specification, there may be a certain amount of development fee, which will be charged before the production of the samples.
  • Modification of requirements in the process may lead to increased rounds and cost of samples making.
  • The price of bulk is determined according to the specification and quantity. And the mailing cost is additionally calculated. The above fees need to be charged before mass production.
  • Delivery time of samples and bulk will vary according to specification, holidays and supply chain resources.
  • The submission does not include a design document.
  • Longan Labs reserves the right of final interpretation.

Story Behind:

The name PCS also comes from the abbreviation for pieces. The number of pieces is closely related to the stage of a product. Going from 1 piece, to 10 pieces, then 1,000 pieces, and approaching 1,000,000 pieces, it is the growth path of every great and historic product.