PCS, Product Customized Service is an important service of Longan Labs, in addition to open source hardware products. It is facing global makers and start-up teams, offering both ODM and OEM services.

PCS focuses on the development of electronic circuits, and also provides a variety of design consulting services. Electronic circuit services include circuit development, PCB Layout, PCB assembly, PCBA manufacturing and test, etc. Design consulting services include industrial design, CMF design, graphic design, logo and brand design, packaging design, etc.

At present, our customers cover China, the United States, South Korea and many other countries. Projects we have done set foot in the fields as intelligent pet feeding, electronic vacuum preservation, intelligent robot, satellite positioning, and so on.

PCS is also the abbreviation for pieces. The number of piece is closely related to the stage of a product. Going from 1 piece, to 10 pieces, then 1,000 pieces, and then 100,000 pieces, it is the growth path of every great and historic product.

If you have any product requirements, please be free to contact us ( pcs@longan-labs.cc ). We will immediately assess your requirements and give appropriate feedback.