Summer is coming, what did you think of first? Is it the sun, the beach, or the extreme heat? When I first thought of air conditioning, iced watermelon and a glass of iced cola.

Here, we introduce some cold products to help you spend the summer happily.

Today's protagonist is a thermoelectric cooler politer, which is a particularly interesting component. When it is powered on, it will heat up on one side and cool on the other side. The water dispenser, small refrigerator, and water cooling system of the computer host that we have seen all need this small device.  Using the thermoelectric cooler peltier of the cooling fins to get a low temperature as low as 0 °C.
This TEC1-12706 thermoelectric cooler politer needs only $2.49, with below features.
  • Input voltage: 12V (15V max)
  • Imax: 5.8A
  • Cooling power: 58~65W
  • Operates Temperature: -30~80℃
  • Size: 40x40x4.2mm
It should be noted that the thermoelectric cooler politer cannot be used alone, otherwise the heat-generating side will heat up quickly, and the device will be burned within a few seconds, so it is necessary to dissipate heat to the heat-generating side, maybe a small fan is better.

We also put on a cooling kit at the same time, with this kit, we can make the thermoelectric cooler politer work better.
This kit contains below component.
  • Cooling fan
  • Heat sink
  • Cold-end heat sink
  • Fan grille
  • Screw
  • Thermal silica
With this kit, you can DIY a small refrigerator easily, as shown below.
Note: This kit does not include a thermoelectric cooler peltier.
If you want to get a glass of ice coke in a cooler way, then you will love this kit introduced below.
This is a cup that can freeze water. Try it quickly. and it only costs $ 19.9, click to get one now
In addition, we also need a power supply. Since the cooling chip we provide is powered by 12V, and the maximum power is 72W, so we recommend a 12V6A switching power supply.
Finally, we need a thermometer, and we provide two kind of thermometers. 
One needs to be connected to the microcontroller then read the temperature value . When you make a system that requires a constant temperature, you need to know the temperature, so as to continuously adjust the working state of the thermoelectric cooler politer, so that the system maintains the temperature we set. Click to get a temperature sensor probe.
If you just want to know the temperature of the environment, then we have a thermometer with a screen and temperature probe, you will like it. Click to get a Thermometer with display.