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Pulse Generator with Display

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This module can be used as a simple signal generator that can generate PWM signals from 1Hz to 150kHz. The module has 4 independent buttons for setting the output frequency and duty cycle. The buttons support short press and long press. Long press can increase / decrease the setting parameters quickly. The parameters are automatically saved after setting, and will not be lost when power off. The module supports setting parameters by UART, only need to connect RX / TX to the TX / RX of the single chip to control the module.  

Application Idea:

1. Generate square wave signals for experimental development

2. Control the motor drive

3. Generate adjustable pulses for MCU

4. Control others circuits  


  • •  Input voltage: 3.3~30V
  • •  Output frequency: 1Hz~150KHz
  • •  Frequency accuracy: 2%
  • •  Output current: 5~30mA
  • •  Output voltage: =Input voltage

Hardware Overview:

AT command:

•  Baudrate: 9600
•  Data bit: 8
•  Stop bit: 1

1. Set Frequency
“F101”: Set frequency to 101HZ (001-999)
“F1.05”: Set frequency to 1.05KHz(1.00~9.99)
“F10.5”: Set frequency to 10.5KHz(10.0~99.9)
“F1.0.5”: Set frequency to 105KHz(1.0.0~1.5.0)

2. Set Duty
“Dxxxx”: Set duty to xxxx (001~100)
Eg: D050: Duty 50%


  • •  Tech-support: support@longan-labs.cc

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