Pulse Generator with Display

Pulse Generator with Display

Cooler Cup DIY Kit

Cooler Cup DIY Kit

Dual-Channel Bluetooth/LINE IN Digital Amplifier with Shell

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This is a high-power amplifier kit that can output two channel 50W power. The power amplifier board has two working modes of Bluetooth and LINE IN, which are convenient to use. The kit contains a set of acrylic protective shell, which can protect the amplifier board from damage. There are 5 buttons on the power amplifier board, which can control the volume, working mode, song switching and so on.


  • •  Input voltage: 4.5~27V
  • •  Output Power: 50W * 2
  • •  Bluetooth mode and Line in mode
  • •  DC2.1MM and Terminal power connector
  • •  Power input anti-reverse function
  • •  Acrylic protective shell

How to use:

1. Working mode

The module has two working modes: Bluetooth and LINE IN mode. When the module is not plugged into an audio plug, the power-on default is Bluetooth mode. When the module is plugged in with an audio plug, the default is LINE IN mode after power-on, or you can switch the mode by long pressing the PLAY / M button

2. Bluetooth

When the module works in the Bluetooth mode, there will be a prompt "The Bluetooth device is ready to pair", indicating that enter the Bluetooth mode and wait for pairing, use your mobile phone Bluetooth searches for "YX_BT", click connect, the module prompts "The Bluetooth device is connected successfully", It means that the module is successfully connected with the mobile phone, you can enjoy the music now.

3. Buttons

•  VOL-: Volume -

•  VOL+: Volume +

•  NEXT: Play next song

•  BACK: Play the previous song * PLAY/M: Play / Pause, long press to set mode


  • •  Tech-support: support@longan-labs.cc

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