HC-06 Serial Bluetooth Module

HC-06 Serial Bluetooth Module

MFRC-522 RFID Reader and Tag Kit

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The MF522-AN module uses Philips MFRC522 chip, which is easy to use and low in cost. It is suitable for applications such as device development and card reader development. The module can be directly transferred to various card reader molds. This module uses 3.3V voltage power supply, communicates with MCU through SPI interface.


  • •  Input voltage: 3.3V
  • •  Working current: 15mA
  • •  Sleep current: < 80uA
  • •  Frequency: 13.56MHz
  • •  Card support: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70, mifare UltraLight, mifare Pro, mifare Defire
  • •  Size: 40x60mm


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