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TTP223B Touch Sensor

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Moisture Sensor

Two-Way Relay 5V

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This module contains 2 relays, which is working at 5V while the Max current is 10A. There're led indicators on the board to show you the working status of the relays.


  • • Operating voltage: 5V (I/O input)
  • • Relay working current: 10A@250VAC, 10A@30VDC
  • • Jumper to sent HIGH or LOW active
  • • LED indicator
  • • Optocoupler isolation


1. DC+: 5V input

2. DC-: Ground

3. IN1: INPUT of Relay1

4. IN2: INPUT of Relay2

5. NO1: Normal open of relay1

6. COM1: COM of relay1

7. NC1: Normal connected of relay1

8. NO2: Normal open of relay2

9. COM2: COM of relay2

10. NC1: Normal connected of relay2


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