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Carduino 32U4

AAA Battery Card

The AAA battery card efficiently provides 5V@500mA from two alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
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Dry battery is one of the most commonly used power supply, convenient, small size, and easy to access. It is widely used in a variety of small electronic equipment, such as remote control, razor, clock, and toy car, etc. As early as 1800, the prototype of battery was invented. It finally became what it is now after a long history of development and evolution.

According to the size of dry battery, there are several different models. The most commonly used models are AA and AAA. Dry batteries has tow sides, positive and negative. When using, it should be placed into the battery holder correctly as the icons tells. Whit this, it is quite easy to maintain wireless mobile power for various electronic projects.

AAA battery Card efficiently provides 5V-800mA from two alkaline or rechargeable batteries. It is based on the PS7516 high efficiency PWM DC/DC converter, allowing the output to remain 5V regulated for input voltages down to 1.9V, depending on the load current.

Longan Cards is a unique open source development platform designed by Longan Labs. As a plug and play development platform, Longan Cards allows you to quicky build wide array of prototypes and applications in no time. A full set of Arduino libraries and plenty of example codes are available to play with Longan Cards platform.

NOTE: AAA battery is NOT included.


  • • Output: 5V@500mA
  • • 2xAAA Battery
  • • Power indicator LED
  • • Power ON/OFF switch
  • • Featured PS7516 DC/DC converter
  • • Connection: Goldfinger / Cable
  • • Dimension: mm


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