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Light Sensor Card

Light Sensor Card features TEMT6000 ambient light sensor. It is sensitive to the visible spectrum.
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Light is ubiquitous in the world around us. The sun, a lamp, a monitor, a candle are all objects that give off light. Objects that do not emit light are seen by reflecting light into the human eyes. The oldest example is the moon.

Light Sensor Card measures the intensity, or brightness, of the Light. This is done with photoresistors. When light intensity increases, the resistance value of photoresistor decreases, while the resistance value increases when light intensity decreases. Through this rule, we can transform the change of light intensity into the signal of the circuit for further analysis and control.

Many environmental information can be obtained by detecting the change of light intensity, such as the time range of day or night, and whether the lamp is turned on or not inside house. Light is also a simple wireless control signal. We can control a mechanical car by the light of the torch.

Light Sensor Card features TEMT6000 ambient light sensor. It is sensitive to the visible spectrum. With Light Sensor Card, you can bring the ability to detect light level to any project.

The light sensor on Light Sensor Card will detect the intensity of light of its surroundings. It outputs values ranging from 0 - 1023 where 0 indicates dark and 1023 indicates bright light. If you want to get the visible light intensity in lux (lx), check out our other version here.

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NOTE: Light Sensor Card supports two wire I2C bus interface.


  • • Adapted to human eye responsivity
  • • Wide angle of half sensitivity ϕ = ± 60°
  • • Supports two wire I2C bus interface
  • • Voltage: 5V
  • • Connection: Goldfinger / Cable
  • • Dimension: 40.5 x 33 mm


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