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IR Receiver Card

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PIR Sensor Card

Sound Sensor Card

Sound Sensor Card can detect the sound intensity of the environment. The main component of the module is a very tiny, simple electret microphone and the LMV358 amplifier.
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Sound is a wave that travels in vibration. Sounds are common in our daily life, such as the sound of rain, the honk of car horns, the clapping of hands, the beautiful voice of a singer.

The human ear can hear sounds in a range of frequencies. And recording devices can convert sounds into electronic files. The properties of sound mainly include frequency, loudness and timbre. Sound Card detects the loudness of the Sound, that is the volume. In this way, it can monitor a lot of information related to sound, such as falling objects at night and the intensity of ambient noise.

The main component of Sound Sensor Card is a very tiny, simple electret microphone and the LMV358 amplifier. It outputs analog data and can be easily sampled and tested by a Carduino.

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  • • ATmega 168PA microprocessor
  • • Supports two wire I2C bus interface
  • • Very tiny electret microphone
  • • LMV358 amplifier
  • • LED indicator
  • • Connection: Goldfinger / Cable
  • • Dimension: 40.5 x 33 mm


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