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Temperature Sensor

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All objects around us have a temperature, and the temperature of objects varies with the conditions always. After the water is exposed to the sun, the temperature will be significantly increased. The average temperature varies greatly in cities of different latitudes. Even a person's body temperature can rise when he or she is ill with a fever. By recording changes in temperature, much information can be learned that would otherwise be ignored. Temperature Card basically helps you get information about temperature changes of the air surround. For example, if the temperature changes in tiny plant greenhouse, you can know that in time. By measuring the temperature of home when working hours, you can tell how the air conditioner is working for your family or pet. To find out when the temperature is lowest at night, just keep a continuous record of the room's temperature. After making the state of temperature changes as signal input, you can control the output of many other Cards modules. High temperature warning, automatic control of air conditioning, DIY health monitoring can be easily achieved.

Temperature Card features LM75A which is a temperature-to-digital converter using an on-chip band gap temperature sensor and Sigma-delta A-to-D conversion technique. It supports two wire I2C bus interface.

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  • • Voltage: 5V
  • • Resolution: 0.125 degrees
  • • Temperature Range: -55° C to 125° C
  • • Supports two wire I2C bus interface
  • • Error of ± 3 ° C
  • • Connection: Goldfinger / Cable
  • • Dimension: 40.5 x 33 x 1.2 mm


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