Buzzer Card

Buzzer card allows you to make sounds and music, or alerts when something interesting happens. The buzzer card works by making use of a single I/O pins on a Carduino.
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Buzzer is a very simple sound making device, emitting "beep" sound through driving internal sound structure with current. Because of its low cost and stable performance, buzzer is widely used in electronic products as an operation prompt. You will often hear a beep when using a printer, phone, timer, or alarm.

The tone of buzzer is fixed. Howerer the frequency of sound can be changed to get different beeps by adjusting the input signal. In this way, you can turn a full melody into codes and make the buzzer sing. ↓

Buzzer Card allows you to make sounds and music, or alerts when something interesting happens.It works by making use of a single I/O pins on a Carduino.


  • • Small SMD buzzer
  • • Supports ADC
  • • Two way switch
  • • LED indicator
  • • I2C and UART test point
  • • Connection: Goldfinger / Cable
  • • Dimension: 40.5 x 33 mm


Longan Cards:

Longan Cards is a unique open-source development platform designed by Longan Labs. As a plug and play development tool, Longan Cards allows you to quickly build wide array of prototypes and applications in no time. A full set of Arduino libraries and plenty of example codes are available to play with Longan Cards system.

↑ Longan Cards system consists of Cards and Boards. There are many gold finger antennas on Card and several gold finger sockets on Board. They are combined together through sockets interpolation, which is intuitive and easy to use. With this unified and flexible interface, you can realize a variety of ideas. Many more Boards with different themes would luanch to help people explore more fun.

↑ Longan Cards modules are classified into many types. Firstly, the main control cards which are the heart of Cards system, run the code and take charge of the exchange of data between modules. Besides Carduino, you can also use MicroBit, Arduino and other development board through connection board. The sensor cards can detect data of surrounding such as temperature and air pressure, etc. The inputs cards allows you to do some operations, such as buttons, knobs, etc. The output cards give feedback in various forms, such as buzzers, motor drives, etc. The communication cards can transmit data in many ways, such as Bluetooth and 4G network. The power cards supply power for electronic projects, including batteries, DC, etc. And other cards, mainly do some auxiliary work, such as expansion, code downloading, etc.

↑ STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education began in the United States in the 1990s. It is an interdisciplinary teaching method that combines STEM content and real life situations, which helps stimulate students’ original curiosity and thirst for knowledge and novelty. Longan Cards contains dozens of modules, involving a wide range of knowledge in the process of use, including electronic circuit, mechanical structurenature, programming, science of nature, daily wisdom, and humanities, etc. It is a powerful tool for STEM education at fields of electronic prototyping, science experimentation and DIY project.

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